Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BESKAP ( Javanese clothing )

Beskap is a kind of formal men's shirts in the Javanese tradition Mataraman to be worn on formal occasions or important. Clothing boss was introduced at the end of the 18th century by the kingdoms in the region Vorstenlanden but then spread to various parts of its cultural influence.

Beskap shaped thick shirt, no collar fold, usually dark, but almost always innocent. The front shape is not symmetrical, with buttoned sideways pattern (not perpendicular). Depending on the type, there are different pieces on the back, to anticipate the existence of a keris. Beskap always combined with jarik (long cloth wrapped around to cover the legs.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Health Plan for US

Health is something that is very important for us. Or so it would not remain a priority health first in our lives. Imagine if we are sick, all the activities that we do not feel comfortable. But otherwise, feel very frustrating and feel much restriction. With this the planning of health care that we can not be separated from the cost of health we must look seriously.
If you feel difficult to find a good service for your health then it is reasonable. Because many of which offer it. But one of the best sites is a facility that provides health insurance for its members, that is Ameriplan. Various facilities provided. Of course, with the right price also. Of course in this Ameriplan involving doctors of more than 30,000 physicians in the United States. This will provide adequate service for you. Handling is quick without having to wait long, service and ease of satisfying the other. In addition you will be given a discount up to 80%. Some of the program planning is done by Ameriplan;
1. Dental
In Ameriplan Dental ® Plus is a package covering Dental, dental Each package charged $ 14.95 per month for individuals. And a $ 19.95 per month for families. And this applies to anyone who is living in one house.
2. Basic health plan.
In this treatment plan you will find facilities such as physician care, ancillary services, hospital advocacy, and Nurseline. While the cost for me piker muran namely $ 29.95 for one family.
3. Total Health
There are also packages include all Care Medical (physician care, referral services, Hospital Advocacy, Nurseline). To follow this program you only need to pay $ 39.95 per month for the entire family.

4. Total Health Plus
This is the Ameriplan Premium Service Plan for this package is the Medical (doctor care, Referral Services, Hospital Advocacy, Nurseline), palpitation, prescription and chiropractic discount, plus new services from Ameriplan Auto Club, Ameriplan Legal Services, Ameriplan Identity theft and Help. Price for this package is quite cheap only $ 59.95 for the entire family.

From the fourth program, compared to the normal cost of treatment will be very much cheaper. Health care program so this is very good choice as we in the health.
See all programs and a schedule here. Or you want to immediately apply it directly to this address

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Monument of Queen Boko

Ratu Boko is the ancient site which is a complex number of the remaining buildings that are approximately 3 km to the south of the Prambanan complex, 18km east of Yogyakarta city, or 50km southwest city of Surakarta. Area around the entire complex is 25ha.
This site is estimated to have been used in the 8th century on the Sailendra francisco (Rakai Panangkaran) from the Kingdom of Medang (Hindu Mataram). Seen from the pattern of laying remnants of the building, suspected of strong sites is a former palace (the king of the palace).
The name "Queen Boko" itself based on the legend of the local community. Ratu Boko (harafiah means "king stork") is the father of Loro Jonggrang (the name given to be the main temple complex at Prambanan Temple).
Administratively, this temple is located in the District of Bokoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Located at a height of nearly 200 m above sea level.

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